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We First Met is 100% free online dating site focusing on starting conversations and and participating in activities. What do you do when you meet someone in the real world? You simply start talking! This is how our real-time conversation starters work. We also help you meet up with other singles through groups and events hosted by other members.

Most dating sites are boring. You search through profiles and send messages. It feels unatural... Kind of like looking through resumes and giving interviews. We First Met has set out to change all of that. We want you to start talking without having to study someone's profile. We want you to meet up in groups, while participating in fun activities. We also want you to go on more dates. Plus, if you still like browsing profiles, we've made it easier for you to find people you like, who also like you.


Hello and welcome,

 I coded We First Met from the ground up. What you see is the result of 2 years of hard work, determination, planning, and coding. I kept my full-time job, so I can pay my bills, and fund this website. It has been a huge undertaking. People thought I was crazy to use over 6 weeks of my paid time off from work to work on We First Met. However, this website is something I am passionate about and hope to grow into a successful business.

I love creating websites and I love bringing people together. I used to be an organizer for social events, and I thought it was a great way for people to meet each other. I also enjoyed using online dating, but felt like it was too detached from the real world. So, my idea for We First Met emerged. I've tried to make all aspects of online dating better.

Enjoy, and please help spread the word. Thank you.

-Enoch Lee
Founder and Developer

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